Dear friends and colleagues,

We are proud to present the 3rd Edition of "Meeting the Experts".

We have committed ourselves to creating a friendly and scientific environment for discussing topics of great clinical interest that we face every day with difficult therapeutic management.

Therefore, we have dedicated this Meeting to controversial issues and new trends for enhancing results.

We have chosen very well-known specialists and experts in the field who will develop and present their work to all of us in a conversational and interactive way.

We thank all those who have accepted our invitation to come from Japan, Australia, USA and different European countries. Your participation will make this top-level reproductive medicine congress become true.

We are sure that the importance of the selected topics and the quality of the speakers will make this a unique session to update our knowledge and improve our patients' prognosis.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, our warmest welcome.

Dr. Rafael Bernabeu

Dr. Joaquín Llácer

Presidents of Meeting the Experts